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Meet Jennifer Kapicka

It all started when…my grandmother gifted me with my first disposable camera at the age of ten, and from there my life and those friends and family around me were forever captured by yours truly!<3

The fun transformed into a storytelling adventure that never left me. A born photojournalist, I fell naturally into my purpose in life which was to tell stories with images. The fun life documenting turned into professional images after studying film and digital photography in college. Before even thinking about business or where my hobby would take me, my every day images began to transform into what caught the attention of those who ended up wanting to hire me as their photographer and weddings became my specialty in 2010.

When I am not shooting weddings, you can find me capturing family portraits, great food in restaurants, beautiful architecture and real estate, fun events, portraits of children -human or fur babies- in their natural state of play!

When I am not shooting, you can find me painting with friends, riding my bike to the beach, cooking a great meal for family, or running with my dog! (To be honest, I am usually taking photos of all these activities too.)

I am a family person, adventurist, and I appreciate all the little things in life which show thru my imagery as I focus on the little details that make up a person, place or event!

Mikhail Thomas, Associate Photographer

With over 15 years of experience,  Mikhail has gained the knowledge of knowing how to make people comfortable in front of the camera while bringing out their photographic side.

He genuinely loves  people and expresses this by capturing them in their most natural being. Mikhail is mindful while capturing the shots that you might least expect to treasure for a lifetime!

Mikhail Thomas, associate photographer
jessica photographer

Jessica Light, Associate Photographer

With over ten years of photography experience, Jessica has a gift for making people feel special and relaxed which allows her to create photographs and capture moments in the most intimate and sensitive of situations.

Combined with her unique young talent and love for people, her upbeat, hard working spirit has made her a perfect fit the Jennifer Kapicka’s team.

When you hire Jennifer Kapicka Weddings, you get a team dedicated to making your wedding day the best it can be!

Our wedding team is with you the entire day and it’s of the utmost importance for your day to be enjoyable and stream smoothly for your photography investment! I have had these two by my side for the past 2 years.

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